Email Marketing

The discipline of email marketing is defined by wikipedia (at the time of writing) as

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email.

And to an extent, this is accurate. A stricter definition would be:

Email marketing is the conversion of a list of email addresses to sales.

How do I market my business with email marketing?

To many this is an overwhelming question, however the answer is simple, you offer the public something they want, regularly. If you look at any newspaper or magazine you will see advertisement after advertisement, but people buy the publication not for the advertisement content, but for the editorial. So to answer the question above you need to again ask the question what do my target customer want to read? For many business owners they know the answer to the question, for others we offer a market research service.

So once you have your content, custom designed to appeal to your target audience, you can use a email marketing service to send your marketing content to your target customers.

But that will take a lot of my time!

Then you’re in luck, we offer a bespoke email marketing service, for which we charge £50 per mailshot.

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