Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing encompasses two different aspects.

Complaints Management

72% of people expect a response to their complaints on Twitter within ONE hour”*

Traditional consumers come and have a discussion quietly in store, now they take to twitter and voice their complaints publicly. This can be terrifying for a small business and it could be happening right now. At Hatchett Design we run a social media monitoring service designed to keep this negative publicity off the internet, it is a simple service. We spot a complaint, we approach the customer who made the complaint and we try to persuade them to make contact with our client they have complained about.

*survey conducted by


One of the greatest myths of social media platforms is that they are there for selling, this however is not true. Social media platforms are much more effective as engagement tools. We always use social media in this manner, to drive people from Facebook or Twitter to our online store, at which point they can make purchases, sign up for targeted advertising.

A lot of web developers are hesitant at quantifying social media results and the reason for this is simple, it’s difficult to quantify. At Hatchett Design we don’t look at how many people look at social media post, we look at how many responded. The more people who respond to a social media post, the more website visitors can be converted to customers. This is most commonly known as Traffic Acquisition, where you acquire traffic from a social media site and send it to your own.