Web Design

Web Design is two parts science, one part art form. Firstly you have the aesthetics of the website; what it looks like, the atmosphere it conveys and the visual impression it leaves upon the viewer. Then you have the navigation; how users navigate from one page to another, how they arrive at the site, how they move within each page. Finally you have the content; the information you wish to convey, the advertising you want to present and the the products you want your customers to buy.

Each website is different, the audience for each website is different, but the approach to the design and the questions which need to be asked tend to be the same.

When we undertake a web design project we assess what you need, why you need it and how it needs to be delivered and we move forwards from there with you at the helm.

In an ideal world we like to be fairly rapid in our development flow, but that is not always appropriate. Sometimes a website is put together, launched and that is the end of our involvement. In other cases the websites evolves along with the demands made of it and we continue to work as and when necessary.

We charge £10 per hour for web design, normally using the WordPress Content Management System.