Web Domains

At present Hatchett Design does not offer online Web Domain registrations, however we do offer personalised advice on web domains and can purchase domains on the behalf of Web Hosting and Web Design clients.

We are looking at improving our infrastructure with a view to allowing automated Web Domain purchasing and Web Hosting in the near future.

We charge £12.50 per year for .com and international TLDs (.org, .info, etc.) and £10 per annum for .co.uk web domains.

We always advise clients where possible to block purchase domains with multiple TLDS as an example Hatchett Design owns www.hatchettdesign.com, www.hatchettdesign.co.uk and www.hatchettdesign.info.

Dedicated IP’s and SSL certificates.

We offer dedicated IP addresses (a unique internet “phone number” which is attached to a domain) at the cost of £2 per month and SSL certificates at £50 per year. In  order to run an ecommerce website an SSL certificate is near mandatory.

SSL certificates are used to encrypt credit card information and allow safe ecommerce transactions. Our SSL certificates are granted by Comodo and provide relying party warranty of up to $250,000 which can cover the website owner in the case of credit card theft. This warranty is only valid in cases where the web domain’s SSL certificate has been applied correctly and successfully circumvented by a third party. In cases where the home user’s device security has been circumvented the liability for the security breach lies with the home user and the relying party warranty does not apply.

If the e-commerce software does not utilise the encryption properly then the liability does not lie with the SSL certificate provider and therefore the warranty does not apply.